Housing Program

Mantle residents will have a persistent and enduring mental illness and associated level of disability that results in the need for long term support to maintain their accommodation and inclusion in the community.

The proposed village will service people with MI whose carers, either through age or infirmity, are becoming unable to continue the role.

The recovery-focused, intentional co-housing model is ground-breaking, having the capacity in the short term to introduce this innovation throughout Brisbane, and in the long-term to replicate the model state wide.

The model is also unique in that it envisages an active role for the residents’ carers and families in the delivery of the ongoing support in reaching their recovery goals.

The first village will consist of 14 private dwellings surrounded by green spaces well located in established communities and close to transport. Wesley Mission Brisbane will be responsible for the employment of clinical and non-clinical staff who will provide a level of support determined by each resident’s personal recovery plan which is driven by their own aspirations and ultimate goals.

Integration of residents with the wider community will be one way of helping them to restore their identity as responsible and accepted citizens of that community of which they are a part.

Residents in the village will continue to be provided with mental health support through a combination of public, private, and non-government organizations.

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