Wesley Mission BrisbaneWMB’s model of care for Mantle Housing will ensure consumer input and control over their lives.  Independent living is the premise of Mantle Housing – giving people an opportunity to live the life they wish to live in an environment of their choosing with supports that they have designed for themselves. 

This model supports people’s rights to choose where and with whom they live.

WMB has committed the capital funds to build the apartments and will support the oprational costs where gaps exist.

Mantle will participate as a supportive member, working primarily with families and potential residents and on fundraising for operational costs.

A Steering Committee will provide opportunities for input and feedback from Mantle families and members.
WMB is basing its service delivery model on two other programs currently operating in Australia, namely the Haven Foundation in Melbourne, and Home in Queanbeyan.  Though both models operate on different budgets and have varying funding sources, their core operating principle is about providing safe, permanent and affordable homes for people living with a severe and enduring mental illness.  Haven in particular is a response to the needs of aging carers, and HOME is a response to a community need for homeless people with mental illness.  The model for all of these projects is a hybrid of supportive and supported housing with high degrees of independence for residents with care and support as and when they need it.

Importantly, Mantle Housing, Haven Foundation and Home in Queanbeyan are all responses to community need.


Established 1905
Patron: Her Excellency The Governor of Queensland Ms Penelope Wensley AC

NCWQ, through two of its members Pat Burgess and Dawn Joyce, originally approached Wesley Mission Brisbane with the issue of aging parents caring for their adult children who were living with a mental illness.  “What will happen to our children when we can no longer care for them?” Relevant, affordable and safe housing and support were simply non-existent.

NCWQ’s approach to WMB was the start of the journey undertaken by Mantle Housing and WMB in partnership to develop an accommodation and support option for these adults living with a mental illness.  NCWQ has continued to support the project through injections of operational funds since Mantle was registered as a  Company Limited by Guarantee. Its members continue to be involved in fundraising activities through affiliated and associated groups of concerned citizens in Queensland.

Home in Queanbeyan

The Haven Foundation

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